Planning a One-Day Art Gallery Event


Most artists hang their art in galleries for a period of time. However, there may be a time that you need to plan a gallery for one day only. You may compare this type of exhibition to setting up and tearing down for an arts & craft show, but you may want it to be in high-end, professional venue, such as an arts council or organization. Because a one-day gallery is unusual, it’s important to plan extensively for effective execution of your event.

Contact a Venue

Decide where you want to hold your gallery and what kind of venue you’re seeking. Think about your market, or demographic, when choosing a venue. If your art is very modern and abstract, a college campus may be an option. If your art is more realistic- landscapes, portraits, still life- a traditional art gallery may be an option. Think about the type of people who typically go to the venue, then think about what type of people your art attracts.

Book the Venue

Often times, venues fill up months in advance. Think about what date you would like to hold your gallery. Visit the space you’re looking at displaying your work, take measurements, look at what type of hanging devices the venue utilizes, draw a diagram and ask questions.

Develop a Timeline And Stick to it

Take a look at your calendar and develop deadlines. Space out your deadlines so you’re not completely overwhelmed. Have a visual schedule will help you manage your time while in the planning process.


Depending on when your one-day gallery will be, you can market right away, or closer to the event. You want to market far enough in advance that it gives people time to schedule around your event, but not so far from the event that people forget.


Numbers 4 and 5 can go hand-in-hand. It’s important to plan preliminary details of the event so that you can effectively market it, but there is much more to planning a one-day gallery than just that. Remember those diagrams in number 3? Take a look at them. Figure out how many pieces you will need to have in order to fill the space you booked. Are you going to have a reception table with a guest book, coffee/wine, handouts, etc?

Other items to think about are:

• Hardware on the back of your frames
• Labels for your pieces and pricing information
• Invitation list
• “About the Artist” write-up
• Having a guestbook

Work on your Collection

While there are tons of nuts and bolts to plan related to finances, business and marketing, don’t forget to work on your collection, because this is the most important part of the event.

Contact PR Avenues

Since it’s a one-day event, you probably want a decent turnout. It’s up to you to make that happen. Send out a press release to local newspapers, radio stations and magazines. Writing a press release can be daunting, so do some research and look for templates to help you along if you’re not used to writing.

Create a Checklist

Write down everything you need to take with you the day of the event, down to the smallest detail like pens, notepads and glue dots. Don’t leave anything out. Use the checklist when you pack the night before the event.

Dress the Part

Plan to look like you’ve got your act together, even if you don’t. Having a one-day gallery event can be stressful and frustrating, but rewarding. It’s like being in a wedding- many things can go wrong, but as long as the bride, groom and officiant are there, everything else can go by the wayside. While you want everything to go off without a hitch, as long as you and your art are there and look presentable, that is what is important.

Reap the Benefits

After all your hard work, it’s time to stand back, socialize and look at your awesomely professional one-day gallery. People will be amazed that you pulled it all together in one day when it looks as though it should be hanging for weeks.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your gallery for your Facebook page and website. It’s important to document your events.

Marketing an Art Event on a Budget

The term “starving artist” doesn’t have to apply to you. In today’s society, the Internet has taken much of the costly print advertising and made it digital… and FREE.

Most artists are never rich. Many may make just enough to get by. But one thing artists are is happy. In this article, I wanted to share some of my own strategies I used when planning my own one-day art exhibition to benefit a local animal shelter.

Facebook & Twitter- This is a given. As an artist, hopefully you have your own Facebook and Twitter business accounts. On my Facebook business page, I marketed my event using a .jpeg of my marketing postcard, making sure to tag the organization I was benefiting and the venue that I was holding the event at. I also kept my fans up-to-date to my progress, writing statuses about anything interesting that happened, and any troubles I ran into. I also enjoyed engaging my Facebook fans with questions and accepted any advice or criticisms they had.

Marketing Postcards- In order to generate an audience at my one-day gallery, I needed to market the event to local businesses in the town I was holding the event. I ordered postcards from Vistaprint. It was about $28 for a pack of 100, colored on the front and black and white on the back. I was very happy with the quality and received a lot of compliments on the design.

Visiting Local Businesses- I’m friendly and somewhat outgoing, but to be honest, I’m still an artist. I’m not a fan of walking into a business to market my event. What made it easier was that it was for charity and the community already supported the animal shelter I was helping. However, I still received some attitudes, which made the effort a little more difficult. Regardless, visiting local businesses and speaking with employees and managers is a very cost-effective to market your event. This is also a very good way to create relationships with local businesses for the future.

Press Releases- Writing a good, clear press release and sending it to local newspapers, radio stations and magazines is a very cheap way of marketing your event. Local media is always looking for local artists to share their work in an effort to “perk up” viewers or readers from seeing bad news.

Word-of-Mouth- Hopefully you have some really good friends who aren’t afraid to talk you up to their friends. Word-of-mouth marketing is so important to a business. So important, that some businesses don’t advertise- they rely solely on word-of-mouth for their business. Talk up your event- carry your phone or tablet with you with photos of your work on it to have ready if someone asks you to see your work. I’ve struck up conversations about my art at the bank, the post office and even the hardware store.

Business Cards- While I suggest professionally printing the marketing cards, you can easily print your own business cards at home. Always carry your business cards with you in your purse or wallet because you never know when you’re going to need one. I’ve noticed that when I eat at local diners, they have corkboards that anyone can post business cards, posters and ads on. Give a few to your friends and family too. I always tell my friends and family that while I don’t expect them to market for me, if they happen to run into the situation, I’d greatly appreciate them taking the opportunity.

Invitations- For a one-day art event, invitations can be helpful. I printed my own invitations, which saved money using a professional printer. My invitations were also postcards, and I mailed them to not only friends, family and associates that I really wanted to come, but also local businesses that I didn’t get to visit, or that I wanted to remind of the event.

New Hope Lambertville Fireworks Festival

The Lambertville New Hope fireworks festival has been running for the last 20 years. The event, which is hosted by Twin Rivertown, has gained so much popularity that it was no surprise many were looking forward to it in 2017.

In the summer of 2017, the skies over New Hope and Lambertville burst out with color which was reflected on many entertainment venues, restaurants and fine stores around the Delaware River town. The festival also featured mouthwatering BBQ, fairs, and concerts in addition to the never-disappointing firework display.

Why New Hope Lambertville?

Fireworks have become a quintessential part of summer festivities. In 2017, the New Hope fireworks festival allowed party goers to bask in the glory of the festivities from June all the way to September.

The Friday night festivals in New Hope over the Delaware River were a perfect opportunity to relax thanks to the breathtaking backdrop provided by the fireworks. The best part about this festival is that you can catch it all summer long, so there is not going to be one dull moment on your holiday.

The excitement of fireworks combined with the charm of the country fair makes it a must-attend event. You have numerous live entertainment option, rides and for those of us who love food, you can’t miss the delicacies.

Mind-blowing fireworks display, but at what cost?

Fireworks display at the New Hope and Lambertville festival cost $11,000 for every 10 minutes. To bear the cost of this display and allow many people to attend the event in 2017, the organizers sort out sponsorships and contributions from fireworks lovers.

Galleries Galore

The festival is one of the most dynamic cultural event of the year, which follows that many businesses willingly associate with it. Any artists come to showcase their products, and in 2017 there were over a dozen galleries from New Hope, Lambertville and NJ.

Month of Celebrations

Is 4th of July your favorite celebration of the year? The 10-minute fireworks display over the Delaware River coincided with other events that occurred after 4th of July, which added to the pomp and color of the event. In the 2018 summer, there were a total of four fireworks shows form July 7th, which gave everyone a chance to attend the event.

Fireworks Display of the Year

The magic of fireworks can reverberate in every year that the New Hope Lambertville fireworks festival takes place. People always show up to see the stunning display of fireworks despite the weather. Although it’s somewhat a cliché, all fireworks lovers agree that this fireworks event gets better with every year.

The annual fireworks event pulled even newer tricks in 2017. The explosions were big and the fireworks actions exceeded the expectation of attendants. The fireworks display are unique because they’re center over the river. This show is a great demonstration of how you can turn a fireworks event into a cultural one.

Falling fireworks over the river look ridiculously amazing and the drama is intensified further with the sounds. Although the display was only 10 minutes long, it was a clear showstopper with the stunning fiery explosions reverberating through the skies.

Looking forward to the 2018 New Hope Lambertville Fireworks event?
Last year the show proved that the event can only get better. There will definitely be plenty of other things happening in addition to the fireworks. If you are a fireworks lover, this is an event to look forward to.