Created by - Eric Barfield

Pushme-pullyu created by Eric Barfield
This design would use a standing and grazing cow to create a two headed cow facing in opposite directions. (Like the fabled Pushimi-pullyu from Doctor Dolittle.)
There would obviously be some structural challenges to join the two halves of the cow in a seamless way. I propose this is done with some bespoke metalwork.
In order to hide the seam, I suggest that the whole join is covered with the section of the belted galloway that is white.

elted Galloways are a common sight around the local fields of Dorking. They are very curious animals and will come up to you as if to say hello. The art piece itself is about the inner and outer tension between male and female, hence the horn colour scheme which is kept simple for expediency. It might be nice to have a couple of different pitched cow bells around their necks with a “paddle” so that they chime in the wind as if talking to each other.

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