Created by - L D Nichols & M Mitchell

Scoops – This design has been created and submitted by brother and sister team Lucy Dorothy Nichols & Matt Mitchell
The design Scoops seeks to provide an association not only with cows but also with the Surrey Hills. Ice cream is obviously a popular dairy product derived from cows’ milk, and the Surrey Hills is home to successful well-established ice cream manufacturers, such as Loseley.
Scoops is a playful representation of a self-service ice cream kiosk. Scoops of ice cream, painted in a variety of colours, cover the majority of the cow. The hooves and horns however are painted to represent waffle cones, whilst the udders, feature writing around each one, denoting the different sauces available.
On one side of the cow is a key indicating which flavour is represented by which colour. Additional information could be put on this panel, such as a challenge to find a particular flavour ice cream or to guess how many scoops of ice cream are covering the cow.

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