Created by - Poppy Porter

Sounds of the Suburbs created by Poppy Porter.
Poppy Porter is an abstract artist specialising in jewellery and painting based in Guildford, UK. She is synesthetic which means she has a visual response to sound, particularly music. This normal, but unusual neurological phenomenon makes a colourful inner landscape of shape, colour and movement on hearing certain sounds or listening to music. Poppy then uses this response to make bold abstract jewellery and paintings that reflect the flow, energy and emotion of the music that inspires her.
The “Sound of the Suburbs Cow” is her response to the song of the same name by Surrey’s iconic punk band The Members. Still an energetic, gigging band (@MembersThe on Twitter) They wrote this classic in the 1970’s punk heyday. It is a song is full of energy and the white and gold lines are Poppy’s visual interpretation of the electric guitar part. Nicknamed “Jonnie” after the disaffected suburban teenager in the song this moody cow is out to annoy the neighbours with her punk rock electric guitar!

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