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Convalescing Cow is sponsored by The Clavadel which is a brand new post-operative rehabilitation Centre built in Guildford – one of the first of its kind in the UK. The Clavadel specializes in post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation and convalescent care and boasts a state of the art hydrotherapy pool to speed the recovery of its patients.

Convalescing cow is the creation of artist Peter Sampson, who had done an initial design of a cow dressed in stripped pyjama’s lying down. Charles Geoghegan, the owner of The Clavadel, said, “I saw the design and thought of our patients and wondered whether this could be adapted to show a little of what we do at The Clavadel… Peter helped me change the design and I think has come up with a brilliant example of an injured cow coming to receive excellent re-hab.”

Convalescing Cow will raise funds for the Arthritis Research Council, who are the leading charity researching the treatment, prevention and cure of arthritis. The Geoghegan Group has supported the Arthritis Research Council for 30 years and has seen first-hand how debilitating this slow degenerative disease can be, especially for the elderly. The work done by the Arthritis Research Council is vital in trying to find a solution to this condition.

  • Location:

    Auctioned at Sandown Park
    on 20th October 2016

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  • Created by:

    Peter Sampson

  • Raising money for:

    Arthritis Research Council


The Clavadel, part of The Geoghegan Group