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Changing Perceptions is a social enterprise with a BIG heart operated by the Meath Epilepsy Charity in Godalming High Street. Fronted by a specialist Tea Shop offering scrumptious cakes from Café Meath, the operations team in the backroom upcycling and re-purposing workshop take donated items of furniture and turn them into beautiful painted pieces to be purchased and loved, all over again.

The enterprise is a totally joint venture between people affected by severe epilepsy and disabilities, staff and volunteers, all working together with a sustainable, eco-friendly and very inclusive outcome in mind.

Cow Patina has been created by the team at Changing Perceptions and is based on the lost plundered treasure from Queen Patina’s tomb. The team headed by Julia Osborne, worked tirelessly into the wee hours to prime, paint, gild, sand, and varnish. The chalk paint used, in the Meath Epilepsy Charity’s corporate colours, provided a perfect compliment to the delicate copper leaf gilding.

Their particular distressed-look design relied heavily on ancient blueprints, rudimentary hieroglyphs and an old copy of Farmer’s Weekly.  At the end of the three week’s work Cow Patina looked like she had just been dug out of the ground after 400 years.

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    Hampton Court Palace Auction
    17th November 2016

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  • Raising money for:

    Hospices in Surrey &
    The Meath Epilepsy Charity


The Chairman of Surrey County Council