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The original Cycling Moo Kay, which was very sadly stolen from Boxhill during the CowParade exhibition, was painted by artist Charles Rowbotham to raise money for Cycling UK.

Charles spent over 80 hours painting a stunning Surrey Hills scene on the cow with 5 cyclists riding through the landscape. He said: “I was shocked and saddened by the theft and the fact that people would steal from a charity. It felt like a personal loss as a lot of love, time and effort went into the original painting.”

Luckily there is a happy ending to the story, as CowParade Surrey will supply another white cow to be painted in the same way by Charles – so Cycling Moo Kay will live again!

Although the new Cycling Moo Kay (which will pretty much be a replica of the original one) is not yet complete, prospective purchasers will be invited to bid for her in the same way as the other cows in the Hampton Court Palace auction. She will then be transported to the highest bidder as soon as she is ready.

The proceeds from the sale of Cycling Moo Kay will be split between The Surrey Hills Trust fund and Cycling UK – the charity that works towards make cycling a normal, everyday activity which can be enjoyed by everyone.

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    This cow will be recommissioned

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  • Created by:

    Charles Rowbotham

  • Raising money for:

    Cycling UK