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Doppy has a strong link to the historic town of Dorking with many local landmarks illustrated on the cow canvas including St. Martin’s Church, the famous Dorking cockerel and the stepping stones over the River Mole. Sponsored by AEW UK SEOF who own the newly redeveloped Dorking Office Park, this beautiful moo will also benefit Dorking charity The Brigitte Trust.

Note from artist Susie West who created Doppy; “As a local artist painting my way around Britain’s lovely cities, towns and villages with a series of travel-poster inspired prints, I was very happy to be asked to paint Doppy, with my Dorking scenes.”

AEW UK SEOF’s nominated charity The Brigitte Trust works closely with health professionals and hospices, complementing their service by offering people facing cancer and other life-threatening illness time to share feelings and concerns as well as practical help at home when everyday tasks may have become more difficult.


  • Location:

    Auctioned at Sandown Park
    on 20th October 2016

  • Visiting Hours:


  • Created by:

    Susie West

  • Raising money for:

    Brigitte Trust