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Faith is the collaborative creation of children and young people from the Care Council and Creative Minds artist Sarah Fenner. Sarah undertook a series of workshops with groups of looked after children and care leavers aged from 3 – 13years. The young people had the opportunity to craft ‘mini moos’ out of papermache and get creative with paints.

Sarah Fenner felt it was a privilege to work with the children and young people as they explored their thoughts and ideas about what happiness meant to them, and concluded that happiness is having faith in ourselves.

Sarah works for Creative minds, a social enterprise that provides fun and therapeutic art sessions to care homes, community centres and other facilities across the UK.

The Care Council is a group of looked after children and care leavers aged 13+. They meet monthly and talk about things that are important to children and young people in care. Sessions allow children to talk about what they would like to stop, start and change about the Care system in Surrey, they also get to meet other young people in the same situation as them and also go on fun days out as a group.   Care Council Juniors is for young people aged 8-13 who also meet monthly to achieve similar things as above, just in a more age appropriate way. Their meetings aim to help them to learn independent living skills such as first aid and cookery but in a fun environment. Faith has been sponsored by Surrey County Councillors, Yvonna Lay and Mary Angell who used their Member allocation funding to support the project.


  • Location:

    Auctioned at Sandown Park
    on 20th October 2016

  • Visiting Hours:


  • Created by:

    Artist Sarah Fenner, Creative Minds

  • Raising money for:

    The Care Council


Surrey County Council Children’s Rights Service