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Jess is the brainchild of artist Alison G Saunders, who worked her magic to create a very eye-catching design that was inspired by the popular zen doodling and uses NaviSite’s corporate colours. Alison’s work is inspired by the shapes, forms and colours in nature and the world around us. Navisite wanted the cow they sponsored to reflect their vibrant local community, so Alison’s intricate, colourful designs were a natural fit.

Supporting the local community and being charitable is part of Navisite’s ethos and proceeds from the sale of Jess will go to the Surrey Community Foundation. This charity helps those in need by strengthening and supporting local communities at a grassroots level.


  • Location:

    Auctioned at Sandown Park
    on 20th October 2016

  • Visiting Hours:


  • Created by:

    Alison G Saunders

  • Raising money for:

    Community Foundation for Surrey


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