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She’s been found!! Cycling Moo Kay returns after five months!

cycling-moo-kay-with-police‘Cycling Moo Kay’, the Cycling UK cow stolen from the top of Box Hill in August, has been found! Surrey Police were informed of her whereabouts yesterday and are currently investigating the circumstances.

The life-size model cow, painted with Surrey Hills cycling scenes, was unbolted from its plinth overnight and taken from the top of Box Hill back in August. Cycling Moo Kay was one of more than 60 brightly-coloured cows which were on show across the county last summer as part of the Surrey Hills CowParade.  All the cows bar the original Cycling Moo Kay were auctioned off in the autumn, raising over £200,000 for local charities.

Cycling Moo Kay was organised on behalf of Cycling UK by Guildford cyclist Doug Clare, a member of the charity, and painted by Dorking artist Charles Rowbotham.

Tim Metson, Surrey Hills CowParade Leader, said:

“We are delighted that the original Cycling Moo Kay has been recovered by Surrey Police. CowParade Surrey was an incredibly popular high profile event that raised in excess of £200,000 for charity in 2016. It is fitting that the event should be wrapped up with a very positive moos story!”

Paul Tuohy, Chief Executive of the Guildford-based national cycling charity Cycling UK, said:

“We were over the moon when we herd today that Surrey Police have found the original Cycling Moo Kay. She played an iconic part in many of the South East’s cycling activities before she was stolen, including watching the thousands of people who pedalled past her on top of Box Hill during the RideLondon event. One of our members, Doug Clare, presented her to us last summer. We were on the horns of a dilemma when she was rustled from the top of Box Hill. But Surrey Hills CowParade organisers very kindly provided us with a replacement – Cycling Moo Kay II – which was again superbly painted by the original artist, Charles Rowbotham, and fetched £4,500 at a charity auction at Hampton Court Palace.”

Cycling UK member Doug Clare, who lives in Guildford, said:

“It’s the best moosflash of the day to hear that we’ve got the original cow back. Hopefully she can now benefit Cycling UK further – with her new sister, Moo Kay II, of course!”