Frequently Asked Questions

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How many cows will there be in the CowParade?

Currently there are over 60 cows in CowParade Surrey and this number is rising as more sponsors continue to come on board. One by one, the cows are being put out to graze in various locations throughout Surrey, ready for the main exhibition in July and August.

Where can I find the cows?

The cows are dotted all around Surrey with one or two further afield, in London for example. Use the CowParade Surrey app to locate the cows; the app provides the exact co-ordinates for the cows as well as their address and postcode.

Please check the cows’ ‘visiting hours’ carefully as some cows will be housed in buildings that are NOT open to the public 24/7.

What is the app?

The CowParade Surrey app has been specially designed to help people learn about the cows, locate them, and have fun collecting them.

How do I download the app?

Simply search for ‘CowParade Surrey’ in the App Store or Google Play for the Android version.

How do I collect the cows on the app?

In order to ‘collect’ a cow, users must be logged in to the app and within range of the cow. Users should then go to the cow detail page and touch the ‘Collect Cow’ button. A ‘Moooo!’ sound will be heard and a pin will drop onto the map; the CHECK IN button should then be touched to complete collection of the cow.

Once a cow is collected, a quiz question will appear; the user must answer the quiz question correctly to win a rosette.

The number of cows collected and rosettes won is shown on the ‘Scores’ page of the app.

What shall I do if I arrive at a cow but I can’t collect it because my app is saying I am too far away from it?

If you are having trouble checking in/collecting a cow (i.e. you are standing next to a cow and the app still says you are X number of miles away…) please try the following. Leave the app and open your phone’s web browser and visit this website: When you see a message saying, “ Would Like To Use Your Current Location,” tap “OK.” When you re-open the app you should find that your correct location has been updated here too.

Who shall I contact if I’ve got a problem with the app?

If you have a technical issue or need general support with the CowParade Surrey app/website, please email

What do you get when you collect all the cows?

There is a fantastic prize for the person who has collected the most cows by 22nd August 2016: Kuoni are very kindly offering the winner +1 the chance to stay in a 4 star hotel, for 7 nights, on the island of Mauritius.

In the event of a tiebreak, the person with the highest number of rosettes will win the prize. If this is also a tiebreak, the joint winners will be entered into a prize draw to determine who will win the prize.

When does the competition end?

The closing date for the competition is 22nd August 2016.

Why do some cows move around?

Please be aware that some of the cows have very busy social lives and will be moved to different locations/events throughout the exhibition period. Please use the CowParade Surrey app to double check the cows’ locations BEFORE you set off to visit one, to avoid disappointment.

What will happen to the cows after the CowParade?

Each cow in CowParade Surrey has been sponsored by an individual or business/organization. At the end of the exhibition, the cows will be auctioned off and the net proceeds will be split between the sponsors’ chosen charities and the Surrey Hills Trust Fund. This fund, in partnership with the Community Foundation for Surrey, was set up to support local community projects and enterprise schemes that benefit and enhance the Surrey Hills landscape.

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