CowParade sponsorship has now closed

If you’re a fundraiser looking for a unique way to raise money for your charity, CowParade is the perfect opportunity for you. You will need to find a sponsor to cover the cost of a cow (£3,500 + VAT) and the materials needed to decorate it. You may already know someone who can then transform your cow into a work of art, but if not, we can put you in touch with an artist who’d be ready and willing to do this for you.

The trick is to create a cow that will raise lots of money at auction because the auction proceeds will be split equally between your charity and the Surrey Hills Trust Fund, established in partnership with the Community Foundation for Surrey to conserve and protect the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, leaving a legacy for generations to come. The fund supports local community projects and enterprise schemes that benefit and enhance the Surrey Hills landscape.

Before going to auction, the herd will be unleashed to graze in various high-traffic locations around Surrey from May onwards, building up to the main exhibition in July and August. CowParade is for both tourists and locals to enjoy and a specially-created app will help cowspotters follow the cow trail and pick up ‘rosettes’ along the way.

At the end of the exhibition, most of the cows will be auctioned at a principal auction whilst, the cows judged to be the top 20 ‘Champions’, will bypass this auction and go to a Gala event in London to make even more money.

For Further information to help you secure a sponsor, please visit our Sponsor’s Page.


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